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Personal Chef

Embrace the pinnacle of culinary luxury by entrusting your entire vacation dining experience to a personal chef. Elevate each moment, whether it's a sumptuous dinner, a delightful breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a combination of all three. 

Our personal chef James & his team are ready to transform your gastronomic desires into reality. Engaging in daily discussions about your preferences, our chef tailors his creations to suit your evolving tastes and dietary needs.

For those eager to embark on this exceptional culinary journey, our dedicated bookings team stands ready to assist. Reach out to us directly at for a comprehensive exploration of pricing and a detailed breakdown of how our personal chef service seamlessly integrates into your vacation. 

Imagine the ease of waking up to a gourmet breakfast, savouring a meticulously crafted lunch, and concluding your day with a splendid dinner – all in the comfort of your holiday retreat.

Elevate your holiday experience with Chef at Home, where every meal becomes a masterpiece and the convenience of a personal chef transforms your vacation into a culinary odyssey. Immerse yourself in the art of delectable dining, leaving the details to us as you savour the luxury of having a skilled chef curate your culinary journey from start to finish.

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