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Golden Anniversary in Cardiff, Wales

Private chef Cardiff

We recently had the pleasure of helping Ro celebrate a dear friends 50th anniversary at her beautiful house in Cardiff, Wales.

I arrived at just before 17:30 to begin our preparations for a 19:40 service.

While the Ro set to work with the children's bed time routine, I settled into the kitchen and got to work on our Indulge menu.

Come 19:40 the guests had arrived and it was time for all to take their seats at the dining table.

Golden anniversary dinner

Sit Down

Homemade Linseed bread with green tomato butter.

private chef Cardiff

To Start

Chicken bon bon served with a bacon crisp, braised baby gem lettuce and caesar mousse.

private chef Cardiff

The Main Event

'Posh' mixed grill - beef fillet, pork tenderloin, lamb cannon served with squash puree,

demi-glace and pomme anna.

private chef Cardiff

Something Sweet

Sticky toffee pudding - James' signature dessert served with clotted cream

private chef cardiff

To Finish

Local cheeses garnished with fresh fruit, ale chutney, local herbs & piano cracker bread

private chef Wales

We wish you both a HUGE happy anniversary! & we hope to see all the again some time soon!

If you have an anniversary or special event coming up, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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Jan 08
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