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Roast sewin, pea & wild dill butter

Wales is full on phenomenal produce. With such a large coastline, the. variety fish available is incredible to discover. Sewin is a jewel in a crown. Part of the trout family, Sewin spend most of their lives at sea, but migrate to the welsh rivers during the summer months and early Autumn if the sun stays with us. So it makes for a beautiful, seasonal, late summer dish.

Private chef Wales

Roast Sewin, pea & wild dill butter

Serves 4


4 Sewin fillets

100g garden peas

250g butter (room tempuriture

20g dill

12 asparagus spears

150g mange tout

1 lemon


  1. Pre heat a non stick frying pan on medium heat & place a pan of salted water on to boil.

  2. Take the fillets and place them skin side up on a chopping board, pointing away from you.

  3. Score the skin with a sharp knife, 2 or 3 vertical lines will be enough. This is to prevent the fillet curling as it cooks.

  4. Use a pastry brush to coat the skin with a little oil, then season with crushed rock salt & black pepper.

  5. Carefully place the fish into the frying pan, skin side down. brush the flesh with oil & season just like the skin.

  6. While the fish cooks, move on to the butter. Place the butter in a mixing bow. Season with juice & zest of a lemon and a little salt. Finely chop the most of the dill, leaving a little for garnish, and fold into the butter.

  7. Place an A4 size piece of baking paper on the work top. Scoop the butter into the paper and roll tightly into a sausage. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to set.

  8. Turn back to the fish and flip the fillet over and reduce the heat down to its lowest.

  9. Chop the asparagus into 1 inch chunks & discard the wood like root. drop into the salted water and boil for 1 minute. Add the peas & mange tout and cook for a further minute.

  10. Remove the fish and place on a tray to rest. Leave the pan on the heat.

  11. Drain the vegetables from the water and toss into the frying pan. Slice a thin round of the butter and toss through the vegetables to glaze.

  12. To plate, spoon the vegetables on to the centre of a plate. Lay the fish over the top. Scatter with the left over dill & place a round of the butter on to the fish. For a chefy finish, use a blow torch to melt the butter a little.


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