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The perfect sirloin steak

My secret 10 minute method

Perfect sirloin steak
The perfect sirloin steak

When you really want a straight-forward, no-fuss steak with a crisp crust and juicy centre, I can say without question that the most fool-proof way to cook it is the 10 minute method. This method only requires 5 easy steps and the ability to do some simple maths. This method will give you a perfectly cooked 8oz steak, cooked just the way you like it, every time.

Perfect sirloin steak - the maths

Perfect sirloin steak
Easy as counting to 10

Before we get into the how, lets get the maths out the way. 10 minutes - (Cooking side 1 + Cooking Side 2) = Resting time. Yep, it looks far more complicated written down then it actually is! So here is how this actually works and you will soon realise its so damn simple! I have my steaks medium rare. So when I cook my steaks I sear for 2 mins each side. So now I have cooked for 4 mins so far. That means to allow my steak to reach perfect medium rare I need to allow my steak to rest for 6 minutes. Makes more sense now doesn't it! Now the basic principles are out the way. Lets carry on to the steps.

Step 1 - Preparation

Perfect sirloin steak
Seasoning the steak

Take the steak out the fridge 20 minutes or so before cooking. Ideally the steak will be as near to room temperature as possible. Season the steak with oil, salt & pepper. You may also wish to add rosemary or garlic. Make sure the steak is evenly & generously coated. When ready, pre-heat frying pan on high.

Step 2 - Begin to sear

Perfect sirloin steak
Colour = flavour

Lay the Steak in the pan. As soon as contact is made you should hear loud sizzling. If you don't quickly remove the steak and let the pan heat up a little more.

Once the Steak is in the pan, don't be tempted to mess around with it or start moving it around in the pan. leave it to cook and caramelise.

Pro tip - If you a cooking more than 1 in the pan at a time, to help you not get mixed up, face the steaks in different directions.

Step 3 - Time to turn

Perfect sirloin steak
Add butter, garlic & herbs

Turn the steak onto the reverse side and repeat the cooking time, this time adding a knob of butter, garlic & any herbs you wish to add.... yep that's it for step 3.

Step 4 - Rest

Perfect sirloin steak
Time to rest

Once your Steak has been cooked on each side to the desired time. Baste the steak using the butter, remove from the heat and pop onto a plate. Apply a little extra seasoning.

Allow the remaining time for the Steak to rest.

Step 5 - Serve

Perfect sirloin steak
Extra chefy finish

Once rested you can serve the steak as a whole. Or for the extra cheffy finish. Carve and fan out across the plate.




90 seconds each side

7 minutes rest

Medium rare

2 minutes each side

6 minutes rest


2 minutes 30 seconds each side

5 minutes rest

Medium well

3 minutes 30 seconds each side

3 minutes rest

Well done

​4 minutes 30 seconds each side

1 minute rest


Final thoughts

There you go. That is my secret to cooking the perfect sirloin steak. I have used this method since 2006 and hasn't failed me yet. Have a go and feel free to email in how you get on or if you have any questions.


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