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6 reasons to book a private chef.

The big day is coming up. be it a big birthday, a last night of freedom or special anniversary. If you want to make this day one to remember, here are 6 reasons you should book a private chef!

6 reasons to book a private chef.
6 reasons to book a private chef.

Ok so, its official, we have set up the WhatsApp group, we are doing something!

We have rented a property from Norfolk’s Hidden Gems. A quick scout of the surrounding area tells us that there are some places near by.

While ‘ye olde county pub’ might be good for just a random meal out. But this is your big day!

What about keeping the party at home? or in the comfort of your rural retreat. Here, you know where everything is, you have privacy. Childcare providers or pet sitters can take a break and drinks can be purchased in advance, maybe even wholesale prices.

But then again, cooking for and serving a large group of people is not always as fun as it appears to be.

What about a service that combines the effortlessness of dining out with all the privacy and relaxing notes of staying in?

That is where I come in.

I asked my clients why they chose to book me as for their big celebrations. Here are the reasons why they booked a private chef.

reasons to book a private chef.
Birthday celebrations with a private chef

6 reasons to book a private chef.

Reason 1 - Catering for dietary requirements.

Julie from Peterborough said “For me it was the flexibility offered. I’m vegetarian, my daughter is vegan & her partner does all that bodybuilding low fat stuff. So, what was perfect was the fact we did not have to stick to one menu or one dish. We all had different meals on the night and nothing was to much trouble for James”

Reason 2 - No cleaning.

Nikki from King’s Lynn sums up what most people say when we leave a venue “The kitchen was spotless. James left the places cleaner and tidier than when he arrived. We all was very impressed with that”

reasons to book a private chef.
Chef James Howe's Beef Wellington

Reason 3 - Spend time with your guests.

Ash from Manchester “Well for our family we don’t get to see each other much so when we do get together and I usually end up in the kitchen doing a roast and miss out. The best thing for me was when James was here I sat down with my kids & grandkids and did not have to keep jumping backwards and forwards from the kitchen to the table”

Reason 4 - Menu selection.

David in Portsmouth states “When we was organising our wedding reception. Every other company said choose 1 or 2 things from this menu – and that was it!

So when you guys told us we could have as many options as we liked it was great. What made it even better was when James called us to talk through a menu. We ended up with a totally tailored menu of all our favourite meals and it was divine!”

Reason 5 - Special touches.

Hayley in Newcastle says “It was al the little extra bits we didn’t expect made the evening so special for me. James brought a birthday card for Mum which was genuinely nice of him. Then there was the fresh bread & butter and big dish of vegetables for the table. Plus a little bonus of extra pudding in the fridge which we turned into a midnight snack”

reasons to book a private chef.
WOW! what a cheese board!

Reason 6 - Reduce risk

Sam in Winchester “We don’t really trust public spaces just yet. So having a chef round was brilliant. We did not need to worry about mixing or maintaining distance or any of that stuff. James put us as ease straight away and we had a lovely relaxing evening.


Learn tips and tricks from your chef

Alex in London “I love food! But I’m a terrible cook. So I made the most of having a pro in the house and stood in the kitchen asking a million questions. Chef even let me taste things as they was cooking. It was also really cool to hear about his story. Now I’m enjoying watching James on his YouTube channel each week”

reasons to book a private chef.
Celebrate your hen night with a private chef

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. 5 Reasons why my clients say they booked me. If you need any more information, or just want a chat, Give me a call


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