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Delicious summer berry pudding

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sweet and juicy flavors of berries. Whether you’re looking for a delicious dessert to impress your guests or just want something special to enjoy on a hot summer day, this summer berry pudding recipe is sure to hit the spot! With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up a light and refreshing pudding that’s full of flavor. Plus, it’s easy enough for even novice cook to make! So get your spoon ready and let's get started on this delicious summer treat.

Private chef Cardiff

Summer berry pudding

Serves 4


150g Strawberry

150g Blackberry

50g Redcurrant

250g Raspberry

175g Caster sugar

1tsp Mixed spice

12 Slices white bread, crusts removed.


  1. Place the sugar and 3 tbsp water into a large pan. Gently heat until sugar dissolves, stirring occasionally.

  2. Once dissolved, turn up the heat and bring the pan to the boil.

  3. As the pan reaches the boil, tip in the berries along with the mixed spice. Keep a 2 or 3 of each berry back for garnish later on.

  4. Boil the berries for 2 minutes and turn off the heat. leave the fruit a few more minutes to allow the juice to mix into the sugar solution.

  5. Take 4 ramekins or dariole moulds and line each with cling film.

  6. Slice the bread in half to make fingers. Dip the bread into the fruit mixture to and allow to soak for a few seconds.

  7. Press the fingers into the mould around the edges, slightly overlapping.

  8. With the other 8 slices, take 1 small & 1 large cutter. Cut out 4 small & 4 larger rounds of the bread.

  9. Repeat the dipping process with the small rounds and then press to the bottom of the mould, joining all the bread together.

  10. Fill the moulds with the softened fruit with a slotted spoon, draining a little juice off as you go. Take the final larger bread round, dip in the remaining juice and top the pudding. Press down into the edges to seal the pudding. Keep any remaining juice.

  11. Cover the puddings with cling film & Place the pudding into the fridge for 4 hours or overnight if possible. For best results add a little weight to the top of the puddings, for example a can of baked beans, to press the puddings down.

  12. To serve, remove the clingfilm from the bottom on the pudding. turn the pudding upside down onto a tray (or straight onto the plate if you are brave enough!). Lift off the mould and peel away the remaining cling film. Scatter the remaining berries and drizzle the left over juice. For a chaffy finish, garnish with a few mint leaves & a dusting of icing sugar.


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