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How to make a booking

A step by step guide.

how to book a chef at home

Here at Chef at Home, our aim to create a memorable dining experience for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home, holiday home or anywhere. Since 2017 James & the team have embarked to make our award winning luxury service as effortless for the client as possible.

There are 3 ways you can begin your journey with Chef at home. In this article you will see just how easy it is to book your chef, with a step by step guide to our online system.


How to make a booking

Step 1 - Getting started

You can access the booking calendar from the homepage, and all 3 menu pages.

How to book a chef at home

If you haven't had a read through the menus yet, you can do that here:


Step 2 - selecting the date

From either page, scroll down to the calendar and select the date you wish to book.

If your date is available the day will say "available to book". Should your date say "Fully Booked" then unfortunately your desired date is already taken. however please take a look at the surrounding dates if your event is flexible.

Once you have found the date you would like. Click on the date. Then proceed to press the button marked "request a quote". This will take you through to our client portal.


Step 3 - Requesting a quote

Once into the portal, click "request a quote" once again to confirm.

How to book a chef at home
Client portal

Now you will see a questionnaire for you to fill out. Please give as much information as you can to allow chef to create an accurate quote for you.

Once you are all done. Click "Request your quote" one final time.

You should then see the final screen confirming the request has been sent & received.

How to book a chef at home
All done!

And that's it, easy as that!

We will begin working on your quote at email it to you by the end of next working day.


Other methods

Bespoke menu -

If our menus don't take your fancy, or you have something else in mind.

Please click "bespoke menu" button on the home page and complete the short form.

By phone

Call 01553 456322

By email

Other services

If wish to take a look at other services we offer such breakfast, bbq's or celebration cakes.

Final thoughts

That's concludes this "how to make a booking" guide. don't worry if you still need a little assistance, or you would just like to ask a question. please get in touch.

01553 456322


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